Free Clent Smartwater Kit now available


In our last newsletter, the Parish Council identified some initiatives to combat crime in our Parish. One of these is the community wide roll out of Smartwater Kits.

Smartwater is an invisible, non-toxic and non-removable substance that can be applied to anything you own without damaging it. It can be easily detected by a special ultraviolet black light that is carried by most Police and Enforcement Officers.

Each bottle of Smartwater is unique to your address allowing items to be traced back to you. There is no doubt as to ownership and criminals avoid Smartwater marked items as prosecution is almost guaranteed.

The most successful Smartwater schemes are where the whole neighbourhood participates, therefore the Parish Council have purchased enough Smartwater kits to supply every home in Clent without charge.

Call into Clent Parish Hall between 9.00am and 5.00pm on Saturday 28th April 2018 to pick up your FREE Smartwater kit.

If you cannot collect on 28th April and would like to make alternative arrangements contact