Hot Topics – December 2017

Football Nets | Fruit Trees | Cricket Club Toilets | Twinning | Clent Youth Council | Smartwater | Date of Next Meeting – 15th January 2018

Football Nets – you will be pleased to see that the Parish Council have now installed new football nets in the play area off Horsall Lane, Clent.

Fruit Trees – Cllr. Nick Sugden has planted two new replacement fruit trees in the orchard, adjacent to the Trim Trail in Centenary Field. He has planted an apple and a pear tree.

Cricket Club Toilets – the porta cabin which is to be converted into the new female and male toilets is now in situ in Centenary Field. Work has been underway excavating the ground to install electricity to the toilets and the toilets should hopefully be installed early 2018. Clent Cricket Club were lucky enough to be awarded a grant towards the toilets from Bromsgrove District Council New Homes Bonus.

Twinning – Turn on the news nowadays & one thing is certain Brexit will be on the agenda. Brexit, Brexit & even more Brexit will be headlining for years to come. So whichever way you voted is of now little consequence,”cus” it looks like were off. Now does this mean were moving the UK say to the eastern seaboard of the USA or maybe the distance between Dover & Calais will become longer? Of course it doesn’t. But what it may mean is our relationship with Europe & its people may not be as easy as it is at present, we just don’t know. .So here’s the rub …With all that in mind, we at Clent Parish Council have decided to explore the possibility of Twinning Clent with another European village.

“Twinning”? I hear you say “What does that mean”? Well I have been tasked, with the help of a small working party made up of Clent Parishioners in trying to answer some of those questions & to establish the merits, or not, of this proposed initiative. Firstly, I thought what would our beautiful village have in common with any self-respecting European Hamlet & how many boxes would we need to tick to be even considered?
Well we do have our magnificent hills complete with an ancient monument. ….There’s the Tourism & Heritage boxes ticked I thought! What else? Well what about a fine Norman church…….Culture (Tick) our fine collections of Hostelries & restaurants’ including an excellent Indian…. There’s leisure & cultural diversity (tick).

But then I thought, the biggest asset of all…Our Children!

To be able to give our children the opportunity to form relationships with children who speak a strange language or eat different food ,a friendship that could last a lifetime & even span generations to come, should if possible be grasped !

So, you’ve now heard my ramblings, but if you are of a like mind & would like to get involved in seeing if we can get this initiative off the ground, then please get in touch & let’s see if we can make Brexit work for us & our kids.

Clent Youth Council – Clent Youth Council have recently elected a brand new Chairman Oliver Parry. The Youth Council is a fabulous opportunity for the youth of Clent and it is hosted by the Chairman, Cllr. Mrs Caroline Howard and Lawrence Weston who himself was a member of the Youth Council until he left for University. The Youth Council will shortly be embarking on a trip to Hindlip Police Head Quarters.

Smartwater – We are liaising with Police and Authorities to arrange a suitable date to rollout the Smartwater kits to all parishioners. Further details will follow.

Date of Next Meeting – 15th January 2018

Clent Parish Council wish you all a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!!